In the metadata (System), where can I find the pages of an application?

I have many applications in my environment and I need to list the pages of each environment.

I have the applications already listed from the System application table now I need to know the Web Screen of each application stored in the System.

These are my applications:

Example: SV Operations has the following pages:

Waiting for a quick response.

I was just looking into the meat tables and found nothing matching like Espace_Screen ro Application_Scereen..however for entities we have Espace_Entity which stores all the entities details which are created withing that espace.



Hello Eder,

AFAIK, there is no metadata on webscreens. The web screens are part of the OML, so, there is no need of keep information in metadata about the pages as far as the platform is concerned.

With entities and attributes is different, as the names in the OML (module) and the names in the database can be different and it is necessary to keep this (and other information) somewhere.

What is your use case to need this information?