[App Feedback Connector] NextUserFeedback - HasNextFeedback always false

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Published on 14 Feb (2 days ago) by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 14 Feb (2 days ago) by Johan den Ouden

Hi there!

We need to integrate Application feedback with Asana. I'm following this article: https://www.outsystems.com/blog/outsystems-and-asana-integration-use-app-feedback-easy-project-management.html 

Now it seems that NextUserFeedback.HasNextFeedback is always False and so the feedback (that do exits in ECT) can't be processed any further.

I've run out of ideas with this.

Hi Mika,

there could be several things happening. First, the feedback messages are not made available by the platform immediately after being provided by the user. You can check whether or not the feedback message has already been made available by looking in the FeedbackList screen of the ECT_Provider espace. After a (small) while it should appear in there associated with the espace where the feedback has been provided. If you call the NextUserFeedback action while the feedback has not been made available yet, it will return false in the HasNextFeedback output parameter. You have to wait a while. 

Second, the AppFeedbackConnector only returns those feedback messages that have not been "synched" yet, i.e. those for which the SyncComplete action has not been called yet. So suppose that you have one single Feedback available. If you call the action NextUserFeedback, it should have true in the HasNextFeedback output parameter. Afterwards, you call the SyncComplete action for this feedback. If you call again the NextUserFeedback action, it will have false in the HasNextFeedback output parameter as all feedback messages have already been synched.

If you provide a new Feedback message, it will eventually be available (check the ECT_Provider/FeedbackList screen) and calling the HasNextFeedback action will return true in the HasNextFeedback output parameter.

Can you replicate this behaviour? Is your problem different?



Hi Mika, any news on whether you managed to have the problem solved?