This is my first app in outsystems, and Im building an app that reads the QR Code and extracts data from it. I'm using the 'Barcode Plugin'. However, I couldn't find a way on how to get the data from the QR.

Is there any sample or tutorials on how to use this plugin? and get best practice of using it?

I'll be very grateful for any help.



Hello Khaled, 

If you haven't done so, I highly recommend that you complete the "Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps" training course.
The "Plugins" lesson from this course includes a video lesson and an exercise that will help you better understand how to use plugins in your mobile application.

You can also check the documentation on how to use a plugin that is already available in the Forge.

For the "Barcode Plugin", the output ScanResult from the ScanBarcode action will hold the data from a successful scan:

The image below shows a client action (that calls both actions from the BarcodePlugin) that simply assigns the ScanResult output to a local variable:

Kind regards,
João Batista

Edit (2018-03-02): fixed a link.


Thank you João Batista.

Yes I went through the video tutorials after I posted my question, and I was able to scan and get results.

My other question is, is it possible to customise the plugin for example I want to change the "Flash" text of the barcode scanner to a flash icon instead of text?

I highly appreciate for your help.

It is great to know that you managed to work it out.

I am not sure that I completely understood the setting you want to change but as far as I know you cannot easily change the visual characteristics of this BarcodeScanner plugin

If you are using your applications on Android you can easily change the text that is shown at the top and bottom (using the HelperTitle and HelperInstructions inputs of the plugin, as shown in the image below) of the BarcodeScanner but as I said I do not think you can readily change those elements to an icon.

João Batista