Is there a way to format an input widget as currency? This is, is it possible that in the input widget appears 12.000,60€ instead of 12000.6 ?

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Check the FormatCurrency built-in function:


Note that this will return a Text value, so you may have to handle conversions between your Currency/Decimal value (which you probably have in your entity) and an auxiliary Text variable (a local var in the screen/web block).
Hi Francisco,

I can find attach an eSpace with a webblock that replaces an input with a currency input.

See if you can work with it. if you have questions post back here.
Hi André,

Excellent work.

Works perfectly!

Hi André,

Iwas trying to use your currencyinputwidget on a table records but I can't figure out what to put in controlName. I've tried the Name of the input (Like if it was nameofinput.id but only nameofinput) but it doesn't work.

Can you help me, please?
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I've tried to use the currencyInputWidget, however it disturbs the AJAX ... 
As mentioned in this thread: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Format-Input-Fields-

 It is also mentioned here: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Currency-input

I'll upload an OML to test it. We need this very urgent
Hi Joop,

In order to be able to correctly use this widget (or any other) on the Agile Platform you need to specify all node types, so in this particular eSpace you need to add the line
node.type = Text;
to the CurrencyInputField WebBlock script, in order for the hidden object to be created with the correct type.

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Renato Gonçalves

	Attached you can find the Currency_Input e-Space with the Renato's fix: 
node.type = Text;
Thank you!
I also changed the code in order to be possible, to have on the same page, inputs with differents parameters: thousandsSep, decimalSep, decimals, currencySymbol, currencyToLeft
For that, i added  the necessary arguments on the AddCurrencyField function and init Code too.
Note: Requirement - Service Studio
how old/obsolete is this workaround?
Are there any new insights lately?

Has anyone used the currency input successfully in an editable table? When I tried it broke the table. I could no longer add a new record. It just locked up and eventually crashed the page.
Hi Mark,

Please consider to use the following forge component:

Hope it helps you!
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Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Thats the one I was trying to use that seems to break editable tables. I thought this whole post was talking about that currency input. Has anyone used the component daniel mentioned in an edtable table?
I did finally get it to work in an editable table. I had 2 input fields to format. They were in their own cell and container. I had to get them both in the same container with one simple currency web block. In the web block parameters I had to set targetInputs to a concat of both id's. Putting both in one cell/container messed up the formatting of my editable table but I should be able to fix it and keep everything in the same container.

Originally I had 2 web blocks one in each cell/container. I think this is what was causing the new record action to lock up and crash the screen.