[Glossary Guru] Can outsystems pay you ?

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Published on 13 Mar by Adrian
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Published on 13 Mar by Adrian


Can outsystems pay you , or gift you some amount of money as like FACEBOOK do, If you find any bug in outsystems and report it?


Ramakrushna Rao Seera


I don't think so, but feel free to ask them, who knows you might get a free t-shirt!. 

You should definitely report anything unusual regardless, this forum is about helping the community and advice here is mostly free.




I reported a bug in the documentation last month for free. I had the reward of being to first to find it. That used to be enough 20 years ago...

If you use OutSystems or any other software, it is in your best interest to have it fixed so you should report it ASAP.

But if your bug is related to Glossary Guru, that is not OutSystems. It is a community made project (in this case, Adrian).