Hi all,

     Is there any forge component for generating OTP in outsystems.

Hi Gowtham S,

I'd suggest you search the Forge for either "OTP" or "One Time Password"... a simple search like that can come up with interesting stuff.

Hi Martins,

     First of all, thank you for your reply.

     I have searched the Forge for "OTP" and I haven't found any component related.

Ho Gowtham S,

a search for OTP returns this... at least the EasyOTP clearly states it implements One-Time Passwords

searching for One Time Password returns this... again EasyOTP shows.

Isn't EasyOTP enough for your needs?... can't you use it as a starting point for your own OTP implementation if it isn't? maybe you need to explain a bit better what are you requirements. Given your question, at least one component clearly feels like the right answer.

Hi Martins,

     Sorry for the late reply.Easy OTP is not supported by Outsystems.

     I have found a new component in the forge that can generate a random number based on a minimum and maximum number given as an input. The name of the component is "Randomizer Number Generator".


Hi Gowtham,

I fail to understand how the Randomizer Number Generator answer your need for an OTP, but EasyOTP doesn't. They are both unsupported by the way.

If you want to generate pseudo-random number of digits you can always use the System function GeneratePassword(l, alpha) found on the Expression Editor under Built-In Functions > Miscellaneous, it receives two arguments, the number of characters and whether it should generate alphanumeric or numeric password.


Hi Martins,

     This is very helpful.Instead of using an extension we can use the built-in function that can reduce the application object limit.