Making subcategory with entity and records

It's been a while since I worked with Outsystems. I'm working on a mobile warehouse goods application. I want to work with main and subcategories. How do I manage each other in the mobile version of OutSystems?

Main category;
Mobile phone

- SIM card
- case
- battery
- screen protector

The ultimate goal is that per main category you will see the associated subcategories in a drop down list. So if you choose mobile phone then you have to be able to choose the subcategories.

Hi Ferious,

I am also currently struggling with this situation. 

Is your data model good as in your subcategories are connected with your categories? So that your subcategory entity has "CategoryId" as an attribute? With this you can define which subcategory belongs to which category. 

No I am getting lost with the filtering. If one could help me with this to only show the subcategories that belongs to the selected category I would be very grateful. 



Hi Ferious,

I have got the answer. So when you have your data model as above, then follow these next steps.

1. Create a dropdown for the category (use an aggregate (GetCategories))
2. Create a local variable (Category)
3. Within the properties of the Category Dropdown us the local variable (Category) as the variable.

4. Create a dropdown for the subcategory (also create an aggregate (GetSubcategoriesByCategory.Id)) 

5. Create an extra filter to only select the subcategories that belongs to the concerning category. "Category" in the filter below is the variable. 

6. High five!