Hi I've been trying to find some information about if it's possible to edit the login screen to use a external database(with users and password), I have added to an app. instead of the build in outsystems user system.

anybody that have tried this and know if it is possible to change that around and if it's pretty easy to do or is it complicated as **** ?

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Hello Lasse,

You can't do that (afaik).

All licenses (including the Free one, your personal environment) have a limit of active users, that is tracked in User entity. Also, many platform features are based on it, like the role system, etc.

Even the Integrated Authentication, LDAP, etc, will all work binding the logged user with a user in the User table. 

So, trying to circunventing the User entity would be both a violation of the terms of the license and would create a series of problems for your application.

Eduardo Jauch

thank you for the answer that saved me a lot of time :)

You're welcome :)

Hi Lasse,

adding a bit to what Eduardo explained... nothing stops you from using an external source to authenticate your users (LDAP, external database, OAuth, etc...) but you will need to have a local record for that user in the User entity.

Of course this User record will probably have a trimmed down version of the data (no point storing the password, for instance), just enough information to map it to the external source and allow the platform to know who is the logged-in user. You will need to use the Login Server Action (available from (System)) to integrate with the built-in session/authorization mechanism (similar to what the LDAP integration does).