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I have a form previously filled with information of an aggregate and i want to be able to edit but I still have some validations.

The problem is, when i get some inputs wrong, my input.valid = False and that's okay. But when I get them right the input.valid doesn't turn true and I'm not able to continue.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm suppose to refresh the widgets? And how?

Thank you

Hi Carlos,

That is a strange behavior. Are you sure that, when you are testing it, the mandatory inputs in your form have values in it? And that all the inputs are of the correct data type? Because those two cases can make the valid property false (but that would be visible in the screen with some error message). Otherwise, the valid property should be True when you enter the client action.

By the way, you do not need to explicitly refresh the widgets.



hi Carlos,

may this link helps:

if not,

try to debug it.



Hi guys,

Sorry for the delayed answer. The problem persisted so I had to do a workaround and use an assign to put the input.valid to True when it had the expected behaviour.