Como colocar placeholder em listBox com Select2

Bom dia senhores,

Alguém sabe como inserir placeholder em uma listBox com Select2?

Segue imagem da listBox que tenho atualmente.


Preciso de um placeholder "Selecione":

Hi Agno,

If you are using a listBox you can use "data-placeholder" as a extended property and as value use the text you want. This will only show on IE 10+ browsers.



Hi Agno,

In the future, in order to get more/faster help you should try to ask your questions in English, not everyone in the community can read/write in English :) 


All you need to do is add at position 0 the text you need.


 "data-placeholder" as a extended property.


Diogo Romero

Hello again,

I tried as mentioned, but no success. 

I tested in chrome and IE.

What could be wrong?
thank you.


This solution is for when you use this If you are using the one from webPatterns i dont know how to do it.



Thank you Marcelo,

I using select2 from webPatterns.

Hi there guys,

Agno, did you managed/found a solution to your problem?


Hi Divaldo,

No, i not found a solution.

You cannot add a placeholder to a ListBox using web Patterns Select2.

You can use this component from forge to solve your problem: