how to display the list of elements based on screen resolution


I am having the list of elements. I fixed them manually but now i want to make them responsive then how i have to do. Is there any solution for it



Hi Koushik,

I think Outsystems has been designed for that feature. So let it be.



Hi Indira,

In my application i am using the list record and i am manually fixed the value for the line count , But now i want to make it responsive based upon the page resolution

In the above image i used 2 list record widgets.1st one is used to display the list of elements in the horizontal manner and i gave the line count value to 11 and i used 2nd list record widget for the elements to be displayed in dropdown manner(i gave the start index for the list record from12) .So now i am not able to make the page responsive because of giving values to the list record


In the 2nd image the page is responsive. Based on the page resolution the list of elements will be displayed in the horizontal and in dropdown manner (i.e if the elements in the horizontal will be displayed on page resolution and the remaining elements in both horizontal and the elements inside the dropdown will come in dropdown list.

I want to implement like this is there any solution for it