[OneSignal Plugin] Notification with deep link opens a second instance on Android

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Published on 7 May by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 7 May by OutSystems R&D


We have set a notification with deep link in this format com.outsystemscloud.***.AppName://ModuleName/ScereenName?Parameter1=Value1 and it is opening the app and redirects to proper screen. But if the app is already launched and is in background clicking on the notification creates another instance of the app (so in the opened apps stack there are two instances of our app one with previous screen when the app was sent to background and another with proper deeplinked page). Clicking on the second instance of the app in the opened apps stack closes it instead of launching  but the first instance is still working until I navigate to another screen and then it looks like app looses all the local storage info. 

On older phone instead of opening the second instance the screen just goes black.

It doesn't happen on iOS. 

Thank you for any hint.

Hello, Mykola,

Could you please share the Android version where you have experienced this behavior?

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

Hello Carlos,

It's one plus 5
Android version 8
Oxigen OS

Hello again, Nick,

Sorry for the delay. I just tested on an Android 8.0 and couldn't reproduce the behavior you described.

Could you get in touch with us via support case so we can analyse it?

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

Hi Mykola,

Did you ever solved the issue?



Hello, Cipriano,

Are you using a more recent version of the plugin? Back when Mykola reported this issue, we noted that updating the plugin to its latest version (then 1.0.8) would stop this particular behavior.

If so, could you get in touch with us via support case, so we can have a look?

Thanks in advance, and best regards,

Carlos Simões