Hey Guys,

In my mobile application, I am trying to use the Split screen for some list of items, that was used inside Tabs widget.

But after my execution the field is empty. when I remove the split screen widget and tried using a separate screen for details, it works well.

So my question is split screen will not work with Tabs?

Do you guys have any idea about this issue?




HI Keerthi,

I am trying also with the same result, even a simple expression cannot show up in a split screen inside a tab:

Without the split screen, it show up in a tab:

and without tab,  the split screen in a screen content, it shows up like a charm:

Sleuthing into the documents https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/SILK_UI_Framework/03_Building_UI_Through_Pattern_Composition/Using_Silk_UI_Patterns/SplitScreen_Pattern

I only see this phrase:

may this helps.