Input mask with two decimal digit (responsive)

Hi all


I currently developing a responsive web application for a payment,

one requirement is to format the amount with two decimal places 

and using forge input mask(web) and custom mask(responsive mobile/tablet) - custom mask - input mask

input mask on web has no issue but switching in mobile view doesn't seems to work fine


1.) in web it will prevent the user to enter a alphabet (only digit and a dot)

  ex. 1,234.00

2.) when deleting all the values the default format of text would be 0.00

 ex. 0.00

but after switching to mobile /tablet

1.) the user can now enter some alphabet

 ex. 123asd4.00

2.) after deleting all the values, the input text will only display empty


so after that issue in input mask, i tried to use the custom mask instead when using a mobile/tablet device.

some device has an issue when tapping the delete key multiple times which force to format the text

ex.  from 38,333.11 (tap delete) result will be-->  3,888,888.0 

furthermore when tapping delete key doesn't delete the text it will just add some numbers

and please note that not all device(mobile/tablet) has this

im currently trying to figure out the issue if its from the actual device, browser, outsystems code


Sherwin Inson (TESI)

Hello Sherwin!

have you checked the custom masks component demo page? does it work properly there? try to check what you have different from that implementation.

My guess is that you miss advanced options in your parameters, but it's hard without looking at the OML or at least a screenshot of your parameters and an example link to see it not working. take a look at this link to see if this is your case and try to apply the fix mentioned there.

Feel free to browse the support page of the component to search for a case similar to yours.

Hope this was helpful! Good luck in your findings!

Hi Sherwin,

Have you found a way to solve your issue for mobile input mask?