Hey Guys,

I am trying to display the image that was uploaded using upload widget.

Outsystems doesn't have a default image preview option. so I am trying the following steps

I am trying to display my image through HTML

Step 1: I am getting the image from upload widget

step 2: binary content to base 64 and saving that in a local variable

step 3: after that with help of HTML tag widget, I am trying to display the image

When I execute this I am getting a broken image symbol

I also tried by adding but that also didn't 


 <img src="data:image/png;base64

can anyone of you help me to figure this out?



Hello Keerthi,

Why don't you share an OML with what you've achieved so we can take a look?

Just two notes: is the actual base64 valid? Also, the img src should be:

<img src="data:image/<format of the image>;base64, <actual base64 string>" alt="alternate" />.

You can see a working example here (taken from here).



Hi Keerthi Vasan, I usually to do like this.

"<img style='width:60%' src='data:image/png;base64,"+BinaryToBase64(Content)+"'/>"