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I was using the FullCalendar extension and besides the month and week views, i was trying to add a year view as well. However, the only view of this sort that's available is in form of a list instead of a calendar form (where each square represents a month).

What's the best way to get around this?

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Hello b_pal,

I'm afraid there is NO best way to get around this. The full calendar from the forge is based on a JavaScript library of the same type and, afaik, there is no Year view the same way as there us for month and week. 

Back in the past I saw an implementation of this component that added a year view, composed by twelve mini month views. They changed the component itself to do that, but I was unformed that in the newer versions of the library, the method they used were not possible anymore.

This code is not publicly available anyway.

So, I see 2 ways to do this.

1. You implement 12 month calendars and control each one of them (disabling the navigation to other months and years). This is possible, but will require extra and possible somewhat complex logic.

2. You get your hands dirt and change the library itself (and the component) to allow this. 

In both cases you will end up with a code that will require review every time you want to use a new functionality from the base library and for sure this means that it will be a one time thing that will not be updated never again, due the work required to keep it up to date.

In this case, the first option would be more practical and less complicated, but with less performance as well.

Do you really need an yearly view?

Looking in google you may find some JavaScript code that does this already and you can use it. I think.


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Is there another library that supports this view i'm looking for?

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I actually found an example with the view i was looking for. I replaced the Javascript code in one of FullCalendar 2's web-blocks and it worked!

Here's the link in case anyone is interested. They even have a working example: https://github.com/fullcalendar/fullcalendar/issues/2721

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Nice :)