[Microsoft Login Connector] Login issue

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Published on 26 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 26 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado


Fantastic module...

I keep getting this error on the demo app:   "AADSTS90014: The request body must contain the following parameter: 'client_id'."

Hi Andre, 

Thank you.

The client id is the App id, on the Azure Portal. 

For me to help you better, could you give more information? When do you get the error?



Hi Andreia,

I get this directly after I entered the username and password. Then connect with Microsoft account.


Hi Andre,

You have to set up the Site Properties that are set up on the Microsoft Connector eSpace. The Client Id is one of them, you can get the Client Id (same as App Id) from Azure.

Go to the Azure Portal click Active Directory > click the directory > click the application and you can see there the Application Id assigned your app.

Tell me if you need more help.

Andreia Gaspar