Mobile App not listed in Application list and not able to access from outsystems now


  We are using enterprise trail app and we are not able to access our mobile app  from the outsystems now like we access from personal environment.

  And also application is not listed in Application list page.

 Could you please let us know if we need to configure any permission in lifetime to access the app and also allow/add end users to access the app.

Thank you

Phani Pawar


Hi Phani,

To access from OutSystems Now:
make sure you have a module set as home on your application (see the example)
To allow users to access the app:
Go to <your envrionment>/users, create the users and grant them the role (roles) to your app.



This was helpful, i was facing this issue

I had only one module in my application and was expecting it to be set as Home by default but it wasn't set as Home automatic :-(

Thanks Vera!!!