Disabling feedback widget on JavaScript error

In a web app I'm developing I'm using the RunJavaScript action. I've created a custom error handler using this page and it is working but the standard feedback widget still shows up afterwards with the default text. Is there any way to stop the feedback widget from showing up, or change it's text?

Hi Zachery,

Have you debugged to see why the "standard feedback" (note there's no such thing, see below) is displayed? When single stepping you should be able to trace this.

As for "standard feedback", there's no such thing. Feedback is shown using the RichWidgets' Feedback_Message Action (combined with the Feedback_Message Web Block). Typically a Screen Action catches all exceptions using the Exception Handler, and displays a Feedback Message with the Exception text (e.g. AllExceptions.ExceptionMessage). If there's no Exception Handler in the Action or Screen Action, the Exception is thrown up, and so on. Finally, the Global Exception Handler is invoked (if specified, eSpace Property "Global Exception Handler"), which is an Exception Handler on UI Flow level.

The screen action that has the RunJavaScript action throwing the error does have an exception handler set to catch all exceptions connected to a Feedback_Message action, however this is never triggered. Stepping through with the debugger never lands on this exception handler (or any other, for that matter) and changing the message in the Feedback_Message action doesn't change the text that is displayed.

Well, the feedback that's given needs to come from somewhere, where so you'll need to track it down.

Where is the global exception handler set?

Like I said above, "eSpace Property "Global Exception Handler"".

Ok, it's not coming from there since that's set to redirect to an error page. There's no exception handler on the UI flow either. Is there anywhere else there could be one?

Well, you could check the Error Stack of the message in Service Center, otherwise I don't know either. It must be somewhere :).

Zachary - were you able to find this?  I am having the same problem.  I have javascript and a custom error handler that works great, but then an error type Feedback_Message drops into my app and stays until the user clears it.  When debugging, the "break on all exceptions" option never breaks, and if I step through I never reach a point where a Feedback_Message is executed.  

Per Kilian's advice I checked service center but the java script error is not being logged there.

Hoping someone else might have some thoughts?


No, I never managed to fix it, sorry.

Ok, thanks.  I think it is embedded in the RunJavaScript extension code, so there's no way to get to it from ServiceStudio.  I was able to get around it by calling my java script from the onclick event of a link instead.  Behind the scenes this must not use the same mechanism as RunJavaScript.

The downside is that my custom error handler that I registered for my module does not execute when running java script on a screen event; only if I use RunJavaScript.  May have to figure out how to handle exceptions within the same java script code that is tied to the onclick event.

Good luck.