htmltopdf converter doesnt show Chinese character when exported to PDF

We are using htmltopdf component. However when generating PDF exported file, for chinese characters it is shown in form of boxes. Hence, can anyone suggest a good solution/ work around. Thanks in Advance.

Hi Praveen,

It seems like a character set problem. You can get some information from about Chinese character sets.


Hi Praveen,

Have you tried to work with the custom settings of wkhtmltopdf?

Those plugins all use that tool, you can get all the info in:

try and you these setting:

--encoding <encoding> 

If that won't work, consider using the HtmlToImage instead of the PDF one.

Hope it helps.

Hi Hugo,

we tried both --encoding UTF-8 and --encoding ISO-2022-CN. Both options failed. Following command line options we have tried.

wkhtmltopdf --encoding ISO-2022-CN <url> c:\poc\test.pdf

wkhtmltopdf --encoding UTF-8 <url> c:\poc\test.pdf

Let us know if we are missing any thing.

Hi again,

have you checked library resources in your wkhtmltopdf?

From what i'm checking on multiple foruns Russian/Germanic/Asian characters have that problem, most of the times if you download the libraries in question it solves the problem.

Here's a link:

Other way is for you to force the encoding in your CSS to the one that supports your encoding, i don't know if UTF-8 supports all assian characters, but you can try it:

<meta charset="UTF-8" />

Hope it helps.