BPT with many processes taking too long to create new activities

We are facing critical issues in our infrastructure. We currently have a process with over 300k instances.

Said process has a Wait node with a specific Timeout and 4 simple automatic activities in succession.

We have noticed that:

  • It takes too long for new activities to be created after the Wait Timeout is reached (30 to 120 minutes)
  • The running time for activities is actually low (10 to 30 seconds)

Here's an example. This picture was taken at 16:39 and the Wait Timeout is scheduled for 15:06. It's 1,5 hours late and the next activity has not been created yet.

Since the activities running time is low, it is not clear for us where the overhead is located in our infrastructure. Which server is responsible for creating new activities and changing activity status? Is it the frontend servers or the controller? How can we improve this performance?

Thank you.

Hello Caio,

Did you made any changes to the processes flow? In that you might want to do an impact analysis.

In case you have not made any change, and your business case takes longer than usual, maybe you might want to break the process to resume it a bit later.

What is the timeout set in the Wait?


Caio is asking:

What service in OutSystems is responsible in tracking instances that have reached their wait time so they can continue to their next steps?   The picture shows it is set to wait until 15:06 and it has not gone to the next step after 1.5 hour.