Need a Help to achieve ID Card Scanning Concept..

Please Help me.. 

Hello ManiKandan

Need a help to understand your problem. Like, what's your difficulty. What are you trying to achieve that you're not achieving? 

What's the error? 


yes , i don't have a idea to start requesting a oml sample.


Sorry. Can't help with that.
Maybe someone else has a sample to provide.


This one doesn't help?

It is for web, but the way of working will probably be similar to the plugin you will have to use in Mobile (if you're doing mobile)

This is the plugin you will have to use in mobile:

How to use Cordova Plugin  in outsystems

Hello ManiKandan,

In the Online training, there is a topic specifically on how to use plugins in mobile.

I recommend the whole course, if you did'nt yet.


That video is clearly using the MicroBlink plugin.

There's a demo application included in the details tab.

Hi All,

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Now i inject the Cordova Plugin, Please have a look on my image in that i just crop the client action called "Get Licence" which is shown in the sample video of "Real Mobile experience- Id Card Scanning" 


I just want to know how they are getting, to achieve this.

Thank you,

Manikandan K

Hello ManiKandan,

Don't know what this action is, as it seems to be a local action, not one provided by the plugin.

But if I remember well, this plugin, in order to work properly, needs a license (at least for IDs).

So, you need to go to the component's company and buy a license, that you pass to the component actions when using it.

As far as I remember, while you can freely install the plugin, its use is limited without a license (but check it in the component's forge page and the company's site).