Multicolumn table with collapse/expandable 2nd multicolumn table?


I have zip and text files stored as binary data in an entity A with some attributes like when stored, processed etc. As best practice i should put the binary files in a separate table, but i will do that later.

The records/contents from every file are stored per record in another entity B

I am showing the filenames from entity A in a table with additional columns. In the 1st column of this table i have a +/- icon. When a user clicks on the + icon i want it to show a 2nd embedded table (evt with horizontal scrollbar) within this table showing the underlying records (entity B) of the clicked file. It should be showing it between the selected file and the next file in the first table and in full width of the first table.


Collapsed situation:

+ file1 colx coly colz

+ file2 colx coly colz

+ etc...

Expanded situation:

- file1 colx coly colz

  line1 colr cols colt colu ...

  line2 colr cols colt colu ...


+ file2 colx coly colz

I managed to put the 2nd table in a webblock and add the webblock in the 1st column of the 1st table, but it only occupies the width of that column. How can i use the full width of the parent table?

Thanks for any help.

Hi OutSystemsRookie,

Have you considered using the 1st row of the  table record as a webblock?

And withing that webblock using another one to display within a condition the information that you want?

Here goes a simple example i just made.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, i will try that out