Automatic bulk download stored binary files in the cloud to local harddisk?


I have binary files stored in an entity in the cloud. These files originated from a customer's sftp site via vpn tunnel with OutSystems cloud.

For backup purposes and to prevent losing history if the customer ever cleans his files location, i want to automatic download/save all the stored files in my entity to my own network or harddisk. With the backup i can also use these files in our other OutSystems environments (test, acceptatance, production).

I have tried to create a timer that uses Filesystem reference to save the files but this saves it to some location in the cloud. If i use the Download widget i can save to my local harddisk, but only for 1 file at a time interactively. 

How can i do an automatic bulk saving of the files without interaction?

Thanks for any help.

Hi, if you are using a VPN, you will should access the folders in your network. You would need the directory where you want to backup.

if you can't access other directory, you will need create a service to get the files on Outsystems from your computer that you are using to backup.

I think for you to do this need access to a directory, if you can not to do it, you should think an FTP, there is no way to simulate a download. this way you can continue using the timer.

The vpn is actually connected to OutSystems cloud, so i can't connect/login to it directly from my workplace, outside the customer's network. Only way to get the original file is to download it 1 by 1 now from the entity where we have it stored. Thanks anyways for your help and advice.


You can ask for a direct database connection to the OutSystems Cloud and use e.g. SQL BCP tool to bulk download the whole table.

Another alternative you may explore is to store the files in a storage service like AWS S3. This type of services has simple REST APIs which you can you from your OutSystems applications to upload and retrieve files.


Joao - can the AWS S3 receive an SFTP file?

For my workflow I need to setup an SFTP site to receive files at and am not sure where to start.

Hi Justin,

You should probably look at using a cloud SFTP service or set up an SFTP server that you manage yourself.

Given how easy it is to have access to SFTP technology, it would be an overkill to build an SFTP server with OutSystems.


Thanks for the advice. Went with ExaVault. Seems to be a pretty simple service with a strong API offering


Do keep in mind that depending on where you live or where your customers are, it may or may not be allowed to backup those files to something that's privately yours (think GDPR).