[Mobile] Error in Model after update

Hello, I was trying to pass an app from the Dev server to Staging server, and after I publish and update the mobile app, I connect an android device to the browser and I get this error 

Load timeout for modules: TEST.model$BooleanBooleanBooleanBooleanRecord

And the app was on the error screen, so I passed the Prod version to Staging and the error remains there.

I updated the mobile Silk UI in dev and removed several unused components and everything worked ok, but in STG dont work. The dev version of the server is 10.0.710.0 and the STG and PROD version is 10.0.503


Hi Miguel,

You cannot publish an espace with a minor version ahead of your target deployment environments...

You can publish 10.0.503 in 10.0.710.0, not the other way around. 

Are you still facing this problem?