Error deserialising ViewState - Cannot decrypt the content

Error deserialising ViewState - Cannot decrypt the content


In the Login page works perfect, but when i click Login and i on the Safari our Internet Explorer, or sometimes even in the google chrome when i send the link to someone, i receive this two erros:

Error Deserializing ViewState of page "ASP.login_aspx", visitorid "388e1073-8b48-4ac8-abe3-27ed27fb01b0", size 640 bytes ("5ctelhMDLY...").
Cannot decrypt the content


Cannot decrypt the content

Hi Vinicius,

"Error deserializing viewstate" may happen if you make changes to your application and publish those changes, and you do not refresh the web page in the browser. But I assume in your case this is not the case?


I'm getting the same error. Don't have it on the dev or test server but happens on the prod server. All of them are on premise and this is happening when my users are using the FullCalendar module. 

I saw on a thread somewhere that this could happen because of JS on the page but I only have Widget_Click in the preperation and nothing more.

Any ideas?

With best regards,


I got the same error too, and it only happens in IE11 Enterprise mode in Windows 7.