hi im making a company app so what i want is when there is a post about something there should be people tagged in that (more like facebook) maybe when posting about job that are out and who to contact i want to add the @username option so that its easy to contact that person and the #workOnSundays ...i also want to be able to make a # on this company app(more like facebook too)...can you help me get through it please the @ and the #.thank you

HI Musa,

I'm not sure what kind of help you need. Do you need help on finding @ and # in a text string? Do you need help on extracting the user name of hashtag?


Never used it before, but did you take a look on this component?



In my project, I am tagging user for comment. 

You can do like this.

hi guys thank you all for your reply and yeah what i want to do is what @Gopal showed but i dont have how to go around it...any ideas how i can do it? i want to tag a user even when i post...

thank you

Henrique Batista wrote:


Never used it before, but did you take a look on this component?


yeah i just checked it out but what im not sure is,is it capable of what @gopel showed ?


Henrique's suggestion is a component that helps you use the symbols to show a dropdown of available possibilities (like you have in Facebook, for instance, @ shows users, # shows generic hashtags)...

Like Henrique I haven't used the component yet, but it seems promising. In order to understand all its capabilities you can install the component and its sample application and see how to use it.

If you want to show tags like Gopal is showing on his example, you can use SilkUI's Label CSS class for the generic rounded sides effect, and a List Records with the List of Users tagged in the text, so you can chow their names.

thank you a lot thats exactly what i wanted thanks