[OneSignal Notification Plugin] Received Event and Open Event Not working

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Published on 2016-12-14 by Alexandre Costa
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Published on 2016-12-14 by Alexandre Costa

Hi, I'm trying to use the received event and open event of the one signal but it seems that both of them are not working any more, I had a project woring properly and now this events are not responding any more.

Do hay any workaround or any update in order to correct this error.


This plugin was replaced by the official one from Outsystems. (black Onesignal logo) 

Sadly it was for .NET stack only.

You can try this also:

Change extensibility configurations in onesignal notification plugin like in my attached screenshot.

I also kept and maintained my own modified version of older OneSignal Notification Plugin because one of my servers is Java stack. 


Outsystems, if you hear this, you should make your official and supported components compatible for both stack!

Support resources was also scarce on Java stack sadly.