Retrieving emails from Exchange Server mailbox

I have a requirement to retrieve emails from an Exchange Server mailbox and parse through the body to extract data.  This processing will be wrapped by a timer.   Does anyone have a suggestion for doing this?   I've looked on the Forge but dont see anything that is specifically targeted to do this.

Hi Dave,

I will be the perfect person for this since recently I implemented a project to process 30000 emails per month.

But I am processing mails from the Outlook. Can you please let me know the difference between Exchange Server and Outlook? or are you also planning to pull mails from outlook?

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Suraj Borade

I could do either.   If I can retrieve directly from the Exchange Server it would be preferable.  I could pull from Outlook, it just creates a little more overhead to have the Outlook client loaded.

Check if this component can help you to connect to exchange server

Suraj Borade wrote:

Check if this component can help you to connect to exchange server

Hi Suraj Boarade,

trying to fetch received mails from my gmail inbox using following details.could see ConnectionID value in connect action response using following details

Login:unable to see any output from Login action even while debugging i don't see any input/output seems skipped that action using following details.

Please suggest