internet explorer enabled input boxes


the browser used to see the app is the INTERNET EXPLORER 11. In one page  there are several input boxes that are disabled if it does not come from a specific page. It works great with Chrome, but with the IE 11 it appears always a cursor in the input box (or in text box)... as you can see below. How to deactivate such cursor in IE11? IN chrome this cursor never appears as wished. IE 11 is such a headache. 

Second: is there a way to put the cursor default? when the input parameter that will disable (as false) the edition in input box, the style in the input box should be "cursor: default;" (to prevent the appear of the hand symbol and to show the arrow symbol).... not applying whenever the input parameter is true (in this case, it must show the hand symbol of course as the pointer).  Is there a nice way to do it? 

Hi Jorge,

As for the first point, I'm not sure what kind of "disable" the Platform uses. If you see e.g. here, with a link to this jsfiddle, both in IE11 and Chrome there's no cursor when the input is disabled, but there is a cursor in IE when it's readonly.

As for the second question, you can solve that with CSS. disabled/readonly are attributes that you can select for in CSS (see e.g. here and here).

Not to mention, IE11 is already 3 years old and replaced by edge...

I know it, but here for odd reasons, it is used the IE 11... 

Kilian  I am using the ENABLED parameter (of the input box) to prevent the edition. IN IE 11 it appears the annoying cursor, in Chrome not. 

this fiddle is not showing in IE 11... (According to the link you have shared)

As long as Outsystems said that browser version was supported, just contact Support to get it fixed.

Hi Jorge,

I'm sorry, I posted the wrong fiddle link. It's here.

As for "enabled", it seems the Platform doesn't use the "disabled" attribute, but the "readonly" attribute, which explains the blinking cursor:

The difference between "readonly" and "disabled" is that when an input is "readonly", its contents is still sent to the server, so that's probably why OS has chosen "readonly".

If you Google on something like "ie11 prevent cursor readonly input" (without the quotes of course), you'll get many solutions, like this one. Basically, you add some JavaScript that prevents the input to ever get focus, which will prevent the cursor. However, that will be very difficult to maintain if you want to add that to every readonly input, so I would advise against it. Just accept that IE shows the cursor, and move on :).

@Harlin: IE11 is supported fine. Jorge's question is about specific browser-dependent behaviour of IE11. It has nothing to do with "browser support". Please don't reply if you haven't read the question.

thanks for the info Kilian. I will come back after checking out your links.