Hi all.

I would like to know more about the mobile developer certification. Does it approach transversal subjects as data queries, entities, actions, and screens, also present when developing web applications? Does it make specific questions regarding the differences between web and mobile applications? More specifically, are we expected to know how web applications work, or is mobile development knowledge enough?

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No it does not have specific web developer question.

Almost everything is different mobile vs web app:

- data queries: web app has Preparation Logic

- entities: mobile has local storage, only similarity is database storage

- actions: mobile has client-side action, only similarity is server action

- screen: mobile and web screen is different, and have different Lifecycle

All the similarities is also discussed in the course and exercise.

So you should be safe, as long as you read all course pdf and do the exercise.

Also, read the exam questions carefully, as there was some that are tricky.

Good luck.


Thanks inesp