tooltip in table records fed by sql


I have a table records fed by SQL. One column of the table records has codes. Each code is associated with a name of the person who holds this unique code. The final goal is to get a tooltip when hovering the code giving us the name of the person.

Unfortunately the ENTITY that gives the name given the code is EXTERNAL in relation with the entities used in sql, i. e., it cannot be joined. We cannot join entities in different servers. (by curiosity, with microsoft access that is possible). I had a function that given a code it would give the name of the person associated with it (one input: code; one output: name of the person). Another way would be to run the SQL result (using for each) and run that action saving the final results in a structure, but it is not possible to use a tooltip with a structure... it only enables to use current values, not structures. Is there a way to workaround this ? Thanks.   I know that for a tooltip we need to use the extended properties and write in the first line TITLE and then the current value of the name associated with the code... (the entity i am talking about is from SYSTEM > Users and it cannot be cloned to the other server - I have tried to do it, and it says always that it is not possible to copy, clone, or join this table to the other server , OS seems very picky towards this). Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Hi Jorge,

I have a bit of a problem parsing your very long post, and I don't understand various parts of it. However, you can indeed use the title property of e.g. an Expression (note that for e.g. Links, Service Studio allows you to set it directly, no need for an extended property!). In your Table Records, set the title extended property of the Expression to the output of a Function that returns the name of the person.

I'd like to hear what exactly you are currently not managing to do with this scenario?

I know that TITLE can be used in links, etc. In this case I need to use the TITLE only in one column with values that have codes of persons. When someone hovers the code, it should show the tooltip with the NAME of the person.  i do not want to put a toolitp in all the table records as you suggest. 

I have tried to put a change action (where is the function that delivers the name correctly) in one container that contains the code attribute and it worked but it is necessary to click in the code attribute... it appears a hand first as it has an action, and then after the click appears the correct tooltip  and the cursor changes to a selector text... but it only works in chrome, and it should appear the info when hovering (not clicking!). Suggestions? 

Hi Jorge,

Appologies for the late answer, somehow I don't get many notifications anymore. Anyway, I still don't get what you want. You said "I don't want to put a tooltip in all the table records as you suggest", but as far as I can see, I only suggested adding "title" Extended Property. It's quite simple:

Something like that. What's functionally wrong with that solution in your case?