IPP bug, oml option or another scenario!


There are several questions in the forum on the topic sharing work between infrastructures, but the reason why the scenario described below works is not clear to me.

I noticed some, eventually all, oml packages shared in questions in the forum (ex: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/34601/), can be published in an enterprise environment but not in personal environment.

Why it’s possible to publish in an enterprise environment, without using the IPP Portal to change the activation code? My understanding (supported in the documentation “What is IPP”) was that this was not allowed.

The screens are the result of the publication in two environments of the oml in question 34601:

Personal environment

Enterprise Environment

Thank you



Hello Marco.

When you attach an OML in the Forum, its IPP is removed/changed in a way that allows publishing in any environment (afaik).
I open and publish OMLs from the Forum all the time, both in Enterprise as well as in my Personal.

I answered the topic you mention and I used my Personal to open and pulish the OML, without any problem...



If you saved the OML for the computer, later open in the Interprose and published, it will save it with the activation code of this environment (afaik), and later, if you use the SAME OML to publish in the personal, it will not work anymore.


I re-run the publication to my personal environment and it worked. I must have done something different in the initial test.

The change of the IPP when it is uploaded to the Forum makes perfect sense.

Thank you for this and all the support you carry out in this forum.