Implement the current position

Hi everyone

At first)

I have the X location and Y location data in the outsystems database.


id:1 X:1.20,Y:1.00

id:2 X:1.50,Y:1.10

id:3 ...

I want to move the location point in web application.

And I want to display the location point in web application.

I need to set the initial location point on the lower left of the screen. (X:0.00,Y:0.00)

Could you teach me how to implement initial location point in outsystems?

At Second)

I paste the image of floor plan in web application.

I want to paste the current position(use other image) on above the image of floor.

Could you teach me whether I can do it in outsystems?


Hi Yuki,

I think the easiest way would be to include the floor plan as an image, add a CSS class that uses this image as a background, add a Container that uses that class (so the floorplan gets shown), and subsequently add the markers (image widgets) with the right CSS. See e.g. here for an example of the technology involved.