Im trying do some validations using regular expressions; according to the outsystems documentation i can use the Regex_Replace or Regex_Search functions  from the Text API to help me with my task.

However, even though i see both of them, and select both of them from the dependencies; after i add them, only the Regex_Replace becomes available on the "User Functions" section.

Can anyone please give me some insight on why im having this issue and what is the way around it?

Thanks in advance. 


Hi Fernando,

That's because the Regex_Search is not a Function. Thus you can only use it in the flow of the Actions (and not in expressions):




Hi José thanks for the quick reply. I'm really impressed with the response time on the Outsystems forums

Indeed you are right, i can use Regex_Search inside an action.

Thanks again, you saved me hours of fruitless search.