performance issue while using large table for drop down

Hi All,

I have a table that contains more than 30,000 records and I'm trying to use that table for the dropdown.

But it taking a lot of time to select the value from the drop-down. How can I increase performance?




Hello Gopal.

Have a drop down with 30000 records is absolutely insane. 

If you're talking about web, using Select2 will NOT help, as all the data will be there anyway.

In this case, an input with an input auto complete with a minimum number of characters to start returning records.

Not enough experience with mobile, but I would say you can do something similar.


Hi Gopal,

For a web application, I agree with Eduardo on using an Input Auto Auto Complete. It allows you to do some tweaks like defining the search delay and to search only from start.

As for mobile... it can be more complicated. Do you have this scenario?



Thank you Eduardo, Tiago.

I'm using input autocomplete and it is working fine.  

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