I have a mobile app using the camera plugin to make photos.  During app usage, it's common to take 30-40 photos and then sync them to a server over a period of about 20 minutes.  All together the battery will lose 20-25% charge during the 15 minutes of app usage.  This means users are having their phone die after using the app just 2-4 times.

I've seen elsewhere on iPhone forums about the relative inefficiency of the iPhone camera.  Does anyone have experience with this issue?  Has anyone found a way to minimize battery usage while taking photos?

My limited testing shows the following:

  • Camera app open without taking any photos (no OutSystems): 13% drain in 10 minutes.
  • OutSystems open with camera app taking photos nearly non-stop: 17% drain in 10 minutes. 


Maybe you should give a consideration, this issue depends on how the user operate his device.

A several things can suck all juice battery concerned in iOS when the camera in use.

Some of them : 

  • GPS
  • iCloud
  • LIVE Photos
  • etc

And so on, all this stuffs are activate for default. 

I'll try to make in see how the things is going. I'll give you a feedback

Thank you Cesar.  Additional facts:  This issue is experienced by myself and two more users to the same degree.  Also, since we are developing this mobile app to release to customers, we will have little control over anything other than the app itself.

Additional question:  Does the OutSystems Now mobile app use more battery energy than a finished compiled app?

Because the phone is always on, and the cellular data can easily consume a lot of power.

You can control your phone on computer 


After compiling the mobile app into a proper iPhone app using an Apple developer account, the app ran faster and uses only a fraction of the battery power.  It seems the OutSystems Now app was adding considerable drain to the battery.