Detaching source code


 i wanted to detach source code, i was going through the tutorial for that and it is saying that you have to update  OSSYS_SERVER entity. Will you please help me to find where this actually is?




Hi Devu,

The OSSYS_SERVER is a table in your OutSystems database. You have to connect to that database and do the updates there.



Hi, I was under impression that only internal Outsystems guy can detach source code.

Can we detach it ourselves?

Sometimes prospectus customers asked/wanted proof of concept about this detachment, and I cannot provide it.

Hello Harlin,

By OutSystems documentation the process is performed by the owner of the platform environment, on-prem. scenario, following the detailed steps provided in .

One of the steps requires execution of queries on the OutSystems database, table OSSYS_SERVER.

AFAIK the process of detaching as to be requested formally to OutSystems, to unlock the feature.

In the past I used the demo application, ContactManager, provided to simulate the process (see attachment).

Hope it helps.




Hi, my understanding was we cannot detach some modules only.

But you said, you could detached only ContactManager module?

It will be handy if I can detach only some modules for POC to my challenging prospectus customers. 


If the ContactManager module is not deployed, you need to run the "No Lock-In Tutorial", located in Service Center > Administration > Licensing

The tutorial will run on Service Studio and deploy the ContactManager that can be detach.

This is the module you can use to present to customers, enabling them to evaluate the source code.



Thanks Marco.

Hi Marco and Pak Harlin, whether in the Contact Manager source code already includes the database, 

I have got the source code, but there was an error when I run it in Visual Studio, "Unable to obtain the connection string"

I think it was meant to use the exact existing database you're previously using.

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