OutSystems -- AS-400 Integration

I need to integrate Outsystems Platform with AS/400 – DB2 - iSeries.

Can anybody gently provide any guidance?

Best Regards to whole community...

Eduardo, Thanks for your quick response...

I am pretty clear with database connection...

I am not familiar with AS-400....How can I access DB through Integration Services...and so on..

Hello Edgardo,

AS-400 is a computer.
You're talking about connect to a database, DB2, that is in a AS-400 computer, for what I understood.

The computer is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the database must be accessible to the OutSystems Server.
If you already created the connection to the database in Service Center, you can follow the instructions in the second link.

It is just a matter of using the Integration Studio Wizard.

More information at the end of this masterclass: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1120/integrations-and-extensibility/


1. You need to install IBM DB2 iAccess on your Outsystems Platform Server.

2. Create DB connection in /ServiceCenter > Administration > DB Connection, complete connection string and user/password then do Test Connection.

3. Launch Integration Studio, connect to your platform server, create/name your new extension.

4. Right click on Entity node > Connect to External Database

5. Choose your newly created database connection

6. Choose schema and tables you would like to import.

    (after import, make sure Identifier column is set on each table)

7. Choose name for Logical Database Connection

8. Publish extension

9. At the end of publishing, there's a link to ServiceCenter where you map your physical db connection to logical db connection

10. Your extension will be visible at Service Studio under Independent Modules

11. In your main module, just do manage dependency, then search for your extension name.

12. Done.

Hello all,

we have installed the  IBM DB2 iAccess software in Outsystems Server.

When configuring the Database Connection in Service Center, after clicking in TEST CONNECTION, it shows the yellow Loading message at the bottom left for some time and when it disappears no error or success message is shown.

In Integration Studio, after selecting the connection we get the error : "Error retrieving database: The underlying connection was closed. A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server."

Any ideas?