Get value of textbox through button / link (Javascript)

This guide shows how to get the value of the textbox through link click.

First Create a textbox and a link.

Name the textbox as inputbox. 

On the link, decorate it as a button, and on the extended properties of the text and add the snippet below.

onclick = special('"+inputbox.Id+'");

Select your webscreen and add the javascript below. (once the link is clicked the id of the widget is passed into the function and you can get the value through the getElementById)

Publish and its now ready.

This guide is for my former coworker who asked how to get the value of the Inputbox through Javascript. Hopefully, the Outsystems community find it helpful as well.

If you have questions, wanted to suggest something else or finds this post helpful, Please reply below.

Your the man Xtian!