[Google Map Mobile] Adding multiple markers, using my point of interest


I'm very new in OutSystems. I am trying to find the way to add multiple markers. If web app, I already saw GoogleMapDemo but mobile app, I have no ideas. My data includes Id, Name, Latitude and Longitude. I need to use Lat and Long to plot the markers, so I use CoordinatesToAddress. Is it right? 

Please help to review my logic and advise how I can get markers around the current location.

It is even easier than that.

For Each Point of Interest:

-Assign the values of Icon, Coordinates, Title in a MapMarker variable as the image shows 

-Append that MapMarker to a MapMarker List

After the list is ready, pass the MapMarkers into the map (there is an input field called Markers)

Shortcut way: use aggregate list to MapMakers property.

Then Outsystems will let you map your address or lat/long in aggregate to MapMarkers structure.

Hi Thanks for your recommendation :)

One more question is that I would like to pan to current location after markers shown. I do not know how to organise the Client Action. Like after loading the map, markers are displayed (GetData), then when I clicked on markers, infowindow will be displayed (MapMarkerRaisedEvent). All client Actions are set in Map Block. If I created PanToCurrentLocation action, where I can set the action? 

Please advise.

Infowindow have to use Javascript, as the functionality is not provided by Google Maps Outsystems component.

You can search this forum on how to make Infowindow, I believe it was already asked many times.

About PanToCurrentLocation, I don't understand your question.

Hi there,

I tried to add my markets to the map. I created the markers list and populated them using the "On Ready" event . In the Map widget, I made sure the map markers where set to my markers list. the app seem to build ok and I can see the map in my phone, but no markers. Any ideas. I am attaching my settings and action

here is my ON ready action


I am trying to use Google maps in Mobile App. I want to display specific name on click of that specfic marker. Could any please share the oml with me?