Hi everyone !

I'm building my first project with Outsystems opening / editing an existing Excel file (using Excel Package).

At the end of the process I would like to print the generated Excel to obtain a PDF file.

Is there a "component" to do that ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Luca,

Don't know if there is a component that can print directly from "excel" to pdf.
But you can create an HTML page with the info you want to save in PDF and than use the HTMLToPDF to create a PDF from it.


Hope this helps.


Hi Eduardo ... thanks for your quick reply.

The problem is that, in this moment, I have a "complex" report to compile ... right now it's in Excel format.

I should recreate it in HTML ... I'll think about it.



Like I said, I don't know if there is already a forge's component able to do it. You can search.
But if you are in .NET stack and can create a component/extension yourself, you can try this link with useful information: