Synchronizing Issue (It keeps looping)


Hi, I am trying to deploy an application from Development to Production but encountered this synchronization issue.

The development environment didn't get the updated application version and in the Lifetime page the Development is just synchronizing (see image below) for hours now.

How to fix this issue? How to make Development display the correct version of the application? 

Or is there another way to get the updated application in Production? I'm thinking of saving an OML file of the application in Development and publishing it in production, is that okay?

Steps taken:

1. reboot Development environment

2. Refresh dependencies

3. Republish the application in Development

Hoping for your kind assistance. 

Hi Melody,

Did you check the Service Center error logs of your Development and Lifetime environments? Are there any errors regarding connection to the Development Environment?

I have had some synchronization issues. Sometimes the environment never stops synchronizing (always shows the synchronizing icon spinning) but the applications are updated.

One time the applications weren't being updated in Lifetime, the problem was with the SSL certificate I was using.

Can you provide more information? 

Hi Melody,

When checking the Service Center of your Lifetime environments, play special attention to Suspended synchronization processes. If there are any, terminate them.