How To Preview File in Web Based Outsystems

Hi, im using Outsystems Service Studio Ver 10.0 and my environment is in cloud

I would like to have a file preview at my website. I have problem with the widget. Can you give me solution? because while im using PopUp Editor widget, it doesn't work.

Thank you!

HI Andre,

I believe you need to be a bit more objective and specific, otherwise, it will be very difficult for people to help you.


When you say it doesn't work, do you mean that the application doesn't do anything, or is there an error message?

Describe why you think it should work...  e.g. "I have added this widget to my screen, with the following parameters ...., and built this logic ...."



Hi Andre,

In addition to what João said, whast kind of files do you want to preview? PDF? Image? Word document?

And what Widget are you trying to use for display? What do you think the pop-up editor has to do with previewing a file?

Hi all,

thanks for your feedback.

the thing is, i want to upload docs/pdf type and i don't know which widget is suitable for those types of document. I try popup editor widget, but I think it is not for uploading because every time I upload its always pop up new screen and ask me to upload again.


Hi Andre,

A pop-up editor is just to show Web Screen inside a pop-up. All things you can do in a normal screen you can do in a pop-up, including uploading, using the Upload widget. Make sure though the Button you use in the pop-up has its Method set to "Submit". Inside the Button's associated Screen Action, you can use the Filename and Content Attributes of the Upload widget and store the file in the database (or whatever you want to do with it). Close the pop-up with Popup_Editor_Close, and use Popup_Editor_Notify in case you want to notify the parent Screen.


Hi Kilian,
Thank you for your explanation. It was helpful.

Beside that i want to preview my file when already uploaded. Is there any widget can preview the file ? The file types like pdf, txt, docx, xls, png, jpeg etc 

Hi Andre,

You could check this forge component. It claims to be able to preview most of the document types you mention. You can also check this other forge component for a PDF previewer only.

Hi Jorge,
Thank you for your information