10 Tabs, how to?

Hi Community,

I cannot find tabs in SILK UI for more than 5. Then i try to open the clone and try to copy it and add some plcaholders, but with no luck. It shows all tens, but when i click tab2, it is still pointing to content1.

Can anybody give a step by step to do? Thank you.


Have a look here... there's a sample as well... and some funny responses.



hi Davids,

If wer are not using 'plain' web template, but using template - like DUblin -  i can clone the tab pattern and then just add the tabs and their contents.




Hi Made,

Though it's great that you solved your problem, in general I'd advise against using more than 5 tabs (as I also did in your other post). The reason is that these are client-side tabs, which means that all content, on every tab is already sent to the browser, and processed by it. This typically leads to a very sluggish UI and a bad user experience for the user.

If you need more than 5 tabs, that's a sure sign you're either using tabs like a menu, or your UI is way too complex. In such cases I would consider to break the screen down in smaller screens, and use a wizzard-type approach for navigating.

Hi Kilian,

I've seen this answer before... that using more than 5 tabs is not recommended.  While I understand the concept of the answer I don't really understand the arbitrary limit of 5.  There could be 2 tabs with a bucket of content that could result in a terrible UI... or 7 tabs with little content that would have no effect on UI.

Doesn't it depend on what's going into the Tabs?

If so, why not allow a user to start with 5 but easily add 1 more... or 2... but put up an advisory that if each of the tabs carries a lot of content it will affect performance.

Hi Davidk,

Given the nature of a tab: they must be statically (design-time) defined with content, and therefore there needs to be some limit given the way the Platform (and Service Studio) works. Five seems a sane number, als because 7 tabs would imho not be good UI design and therefore would not provide a good UX.

Thanks Kilian,

In any other development environment I've worked in... there was always a mechanism for easily adding an additional tab after the original widget is placed.

I still feel it's a bit arbitrary... and really depends on the tab contents.