Installing 4.1, including multi-tenant and using an older BD

Hi, I've installed outsystems 4.1 in a test machine, and then loaded my production BD's into it.

When I was trying to publish a multi-tenant eSpace, I noticed the following error:

Error publishing in node localhost ( Tenant deployment failed
Deployment of tenant Despesas failed. Could not invoke ping. Exception: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at OutSystems.HubEdition.DeployService.Deploy.#if(String hostname, String espaceName, String tenantName, ApplicationServerKind serverKind, Boolean partial, String testAreaName, Boolean isMultitenant)
CompModule : Broadcast Message

I wonder why would it be forbidden?

When I check Online Monitoring I notice two problems:

Deployment : Waiting for Deployment Monitor run, associated with the latter eSpace publishing mentioned.

Log : Timeout while attempting to connect to

Also, it seems i keep loosing my session when i switch screen in my apps....I wonder why....

Any help will be surely appreciated

Best regards,

Diogo CS Cordeiro
Hi Diogo

Are you using the OutSystems Express Edition or a Professional/Enteprise Edition?

The Tenant deployment failed error due to the deployment service not been able to ping the application may indicate that the web server virtual directory may be inconsistent. Can you access the application being published afterwards, or you're getting the 403 Forbidden error also?

Regarding the Deployment warning message in the online Monitoring its a consequence of the previous deployment error. No worries there.

The log service error in the Online Monitoring is known and is being addressed by OutSystems Engineering Team.


Miguel João
I'm using a Professional/Enterprise Edition, and am running on a trial license for the time being....

When I try to access the corresponding Tenant i also get a 403 Forbidden....

Any suggestions/workarounds ?

Best regards
Hi Diogo

Check your IIS virtual directories for the application and tenants in question. They should be pointing towards the running directory of the 4.1 installation folder. Also check if there's no security restrictions in their properties.

As a containment action try to delete the IIS virtual directory of the eSpace (and all tenant directories in it) and republish the eSpace.

Did this application have been deployed before in a previous version of the OutSystems platform in this server?


Miguel João
C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Center\running\Aprovacao\tenantFolder

Is the path to which Despesas points....

The security settings seem all ok, since are the same as other apps..

I deleted and republished the eSpace and had the same forbidden message ...

This is the first version of the Outsystems platform i'm installing in this server, and the current application was redeployed from current server (since it had an old version in BD)
Hi Diogo

The path is ok, for both tenants.

Do you have any internal network configuration in the Multitenant eSpace? What about the anonymous access in the eSpace virtual directory Security settings on IIS?

Other than this, can't see what may be causing this problem. If its having any kind of impact I suggest you report this to OutSystems Technical Support.


Miguel João