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Published on 2015-01-16 by André Mota
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Published on 2015-01-16 by André Mota

hi there,

How to change the icon:

and how to give a label to it? Thank you.





RichWidgets is a System module, that cannot be changed. To perform the customization you want, open it - in fact, it will force you to open a clone ("CloneOfRichWidgets", by default) and do the changes you need. Publish and start using in your application the Container_ExpandCollapse from the customized module.

You can do any customization following the same procedure. Note that you are not "extending" the system component, you are replacing it as source of that particular customized component. This means that any upgrade (bug fix, for example) that OutSystems may release in the System module needs to be manually applied to your customized module.

Hope it helps - happy coding!



Thank You very much Sir.

best regards,