outsystems Plugin Update to latest version

Hello , 

We are using several plugins in our mobile app, few of the plugins are outdated and we need to update those to the latest version. Can some one please help me out here on how should i proceed ? Is outsystems updates those to latest version automatically ?

Hi Akshay,

Nothing is ever updated automatically*. You'll need to download the latest versions from the Forge and publish them in your environments. Next you need to recompile your mobile apps, and if they're in the App Store or Play Store, issue a new version there.

*Well, not nothing - changes to Screens and Logic are automatically updated.

Hey Kilian, 

Thanks for the reply. In the outdated plugins we have in our mobile application, we have made some changes in that and if we download the latest version from forge and install it, then the changes we made will be lost.

Do you have any idea of how to handle this situation ?

Hi Akshay,

I assume you have documented the changes you made, and why you made them, so I'd download the new components and reapply the changes (after checking for the differences, and checking whether your changes still make sense).