Using an overflow record list with swipe - Bug: entire list can be moved left

Hi Guys,

I just added a record list onto one of my pages. I'm utilizing the swipe right/left feature available with the list. The list data needs to be scrollable and therefore I have implemented the following:


overflow-y: auto;

height: 80%;


However I have found that when I apply overflow-y the entire list screen can now be shifted left.

I've done some troubleshooting and have found that this only happens when the swipe action is being used.

I've put the list in an additional container but found that adding the overflow-y still causes the entire list to be movable.

Does anyone have a solution where I can use the swipe feature of the list but still have the option of scrolling down to read the entire record list.




Found a solution.

Container holding the list: width: 200% (added overflow-y here)

List: width: 50%

***The swipe and overflow made the screen width double***