[MQTT Server Library] topic subscription

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Published on 8 Feb (8 days ago) by Pedro Saraiva
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Published on 8 Feb (8 days ago) by Pedro Saraiva

Hi guys,

I am using MQTT Server Library to publish & subscribe MQTT topics.

the publish works, but I think that does not exist the possibility to subscribe a topic fro ma server side.

could you help me to realize it?

I have implemented a work around on AWS going to create lambda fucntion that is invoked when a new message is coming in a topic. then this lambda function is able to invoke an outsystems API.

of course I want implement directly a subscriber on outsystems side. any idea to do it?



Vincenzo Divittorio wrote:

Good question. I'm trying to get the "nodemcu" board to get information from a Rest Api Outsystems.